Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NCHSAA approves soccer mercy rule, 12-week football schedule

From the NCHSAA:

CHAPEL HILL-- The N.C. High School Athletic Association Board of Directors completed its spring Board meeting on Wednesday at the NCHSAA offices. Items which the Board studied and approved included:

- adoption of a "mercy rule" in soccer; if a goal differential of nine is reached by halftime or at any time in the second half, the game shall be terminated, to go into effect for 2012-13; at least one half of game must be completed
-  approved going back to 12 weeks to play 11 football games, starting with 2013 season, and approved two-year football calendar for 2013 and '14
- approved additional scheduling allowance for wrestling for one tri meet and one "multi team event" per week
- approved moving starting date for two-pound growth allowance for wrestling from January 1 to December 25
-approval of four booking agents, including Mark Kadlecik in soccer, Triangle Officials Association; Leigh Harris in wrestling, Mountain Officials Association; David Culbreth in wrestling, Southeastern Officials Association; Brad Allen in basketball, Southeastern Officials Association
-approved requiring each non-faculty coach and newly hired coaches to take "Fundamentals of Coaching" course through the National Federation to coach a team at an NCHSAA school; recommend all coaching staffs be certified in this area within three years
-added fine of $250 to Handbook if schools have non-compliant uniforms to NFHS rule codes
- discussed NCHSAA's 100th Anniversary Celebration and timeline of events
- approved additional ways to return additional revenue to member schools; take operating budget overage and also review any extra interest income from Endowment, and half of that, based on a formula, will be distributed to schools which participated in bracketed team sports playoffs. Schools traveling would receive full share, hosting school would receive half share
- adopted structured rate of expense reimbursements for football playoffs from first round through regionals
- reviewed 2011-12 budget
- approved four-year contract for commissioner
- approved NCHSAA strategic plan after presentation from Dr. Larry Price, who helped to facilitate the process
- a report from Paige King of Eastern Alamance High School of the NCHSAA's Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

For a final list of 2013-17 conferences, visit the NCHSAA's realignment page.


Anonymous said...

I assume the conference approvals is a round about way of saying the vote to exclude charters failed.

Sergio Tovar said...

The results of those votes will be released later today.