Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All-I-Meck baseball, softball and girls' soccer teams announced


Lake Norman's Taylor Thurber and Hopewell's Michael Russell claimed top I-Meck baseball honors, being named conference pitcher and player of the year respectively.

The Wildcats' Robert Little was named I-Meck coach of the year.

Here is a list of the all-conference players:

Josh Skidmore, Mooresville
Josh Hobcomb, Mooresville
Jimmy McElhany, Mooresville
Ryan Brennan, Mooresville
Taylor Thurber, Lake Norman
Ian Edmiston, Lake Norman
Jack Edmiston, Lake Norman
Jesse Seaford, Lake Norman
Mark Stevens, Vance
Blaine Lewis, Mallard Creek
Mikal Hill, Mallard Creek
Kirk Morgan, Mallard Creek
Brandon Wilkerson, Mallard Creek
Nick Daddio, Hough
Jared Sobo, Hough
Michael Russell, Hopewell
Cam Underwood, Hopewell
Hunter Conley, Hopewell
Anthony Dimino, North Meck
Paul Leonard, North Meck


North Mecklenburg's Sarah Mooney, an All-American catcher, was named I-Meck player of the year, while Mooresville's Margaret Whitestone claimed the conference's top pitcher honors.

Hopewell's Cherly Burwell earned coach of the year honors.

Here is the all-conference softball team:

Kayla Pine, Lake Norman
Kayla McGuffey, Lake Norman
Stacey Houser, Lake Norman
Dominique Wilson, Lake Norman
Hannah Littlefield, Lake Norman
Arin Hall, Lake Norman
Shelby Bailey, Lake Norman
Sarah Mooney, North Mecklenburg
Morgan Lashley, North Mecklenburg
Chelsea Parton, North Mecklenburg
Hannah Foret, North Mecklenburg
Lindsey Russell, Hopewell
Tayla Berry, Hopewell
Breanna Blakely, Hopewell
Margaret Whitestone, Mooresville
Hope Smith, Mooresville
Kelsey Clark, Mooresville
Jasmyn Lindsey, Hough
Katelyn Shifflert, Hough
Melissa Race, Mallard Creek

Girls' soccer

Hough goalkeeper Emily Rusk was named I-Meck player of the year, while Lake Norman coach Jon Mertes earned conference coach of the year honors.

Here is a list of all-conference girls' soccer players:

Katelyn Faucette, Hopewell
Brooke Arey, Hopewell
Audrey Boyle, Hopewell
Emily Rusk, Hough
Hannah Robinson, Hough
Allison Stearns, Hough
Alison Vest, Hough
Lindsey Byrne, Hough
Brandi Arey, Hough
Kendall Fischlein, Lake Norman
Allye Mertes, Lake Norman
Taylor Waters, Lake Norman
Jenna Weston, Lake Norman
Megan Curan, Lake Norman
Kelsey Palmer, Lake Norman
Sam Condron, Lake Norman
Courtney Reilly, Lake Norman
Allie Gartland, Mallard Creek
Kelsey Manning, Mallard Creek
Sarah Webber, Mallard Creek
Ashley Warren, Mallard Creek
Ashley Cress, Mooresville
Erin Settle, Mooresville
Megan Sullivan, North Mecklenburg
Erin McAnulty, North Mecklenburg